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Kiln Drying Service

We are excited to announce that we have acquired an IDry Vacuum Kiln, and are now accepting reservations for drying your lumber!

About our Kiln

Our Kiln is a state-of-the-art vacuum kiln, which uses heat, low atmospheric pressure, and airflow to efficiently dry up to 4,000 boardfeet of lumber per week.

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Furniture Ready Lumber


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Drying Time

Generally, 1 inch thick lumber will dry in one week, while 2" thick lumber will dry in 2 weeks. 



Exact drying time depends on wood species and starting dryness. We test for moisture content with an advanced Delmhorst moisture meter. 

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Dimensional Stability


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Why Kiln Drying is Important


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Make a kiln space reservation today!

For more information and to reserve kiln space, give us a call or text at (423) 226-2920.

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