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Call or Text (423)-226-2920

-Services We Offer-

Kiln Drying!!

We are now leasing space in our state-of-the-art vacuum kiln to dry your green lumber! Give us a call for more information, rates and availability!

 Hardwood Lumber

We stock dimensional lumber, live edge slabs, beams, and turning blanks

Custom Milling

Have logs? Drop them off with us and have them milled! Give us a call for our hourly milling rates. 

This Is My Story

My name is Carter Whittier, and as a full-time professional furniture maker, I developed a discerning eye for the hallmark quality and character of carefully produced, high quality lumber. I found it to be in short supply, and very highly priced, so I bought a sawmill in order to produce and dry my own lumber. I quickly found that other woodworkers had come to the same conclusions about lumber quality and price, and began offering custom sawmill services to other furniture makers and craftsmen. It is my passion to make the highest quality custom-cut lumber available and affordable to everyone. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Ask Us Anything

Chattanooga, TN

Feel free to call, text, or submit the form below.  423-226-2920

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